Product Information — Overview


Easy-to-use 3D Modeling

ARRIS includes all the tools needed to create both simple and complex wireframe geometry. Intuitive tools help you build models by building simple wireframe skeletons and automatically stretching surfaces over the frames. ARRIS is also the perfect follow-up tool for designs created in SketchUp. Not only can ARRIS rapidly produce CAD Drawings based on SketchUp models, it also enhances the users’ modeling capabilities. ARRIS is a premier 3D modeling solution.

Drawing & Sketching

ARRIS provides all the tools you need to create complete contract drawings. It is both flexible and powerful, extending the capabilities of ARRIS to automate the entire drawing process. Easily customized, the system lets you work the way you want without constraints. The intuitive drawing and editing tools make it simple to investigate concepts and watch them take shape. The superior “project based” structure of ARRIS provides a better system for organizing, creating, editing, sharing and refining drawings.

Contruction Documentation

ARRIS is organized to be extremely efficient in the creation, editing and production of working drawings. You can develop and implement office standards for drawing execution and organization. ARRIS makes it easy. The drawing tools within ARRIS are faster and more focused than those available in standard CAD software solutions.

Catalogs & Repeated Items

Catalogs allow for the pre-creation of objects including graphic entities and notes. ARRIS makes it simple for all users to instantly access thousands of items from the repeated items catalog. Easily locate and select any item with the use of thumbnail images which are divided into simple to access categories.

Office Standards

ARRIS gives you the ability to create office standards which allow the firm to coordinate the efforts of multiple people working on a project. Standards can be set for processes, procedures and presentation formats. By setting up an office standards directory, data can be accessed by all users and computers in the office. Office standards enhance speed, productivity and quality, while reducing errors and omissions.

Superior Multi-User Organization

With ARRIS, “on-the-fly” multiple users can connect to one project, providing true workgroup computing. You can save multiple design changes from multiple users into a single project database. ARRIS makes it much more efficient and simpler to work with both small and large design and production teams. It’s a better way of working!

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