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ARRIS - Expert Infocad 7.9 DXF/DWG Translator - New Seat
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Code: Trans 7.9
Price: $335.00

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Import to ARRIS version 7.0 or later.
Export from ARRIS to DWG/DXF AutoCAD Release 9 2006.

The exchange of drawings between ARRIS and other CAD systems requires that the drawings first be converted into an intermediate format such as DXF (Data Exchange Format) or translated into DWG (The native AutoCAD format). The ARRIS translation routines are designed to run efficiently and accurately with a minimum degree of effort. For complex translations, there is also a high degree of available customization.

Note: 7.9 DWG/DXF Translator upgrades from versions prior to 7.6 are the same as a new seat purchase.